Quail Egg Salad for Big Kids

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I found quail eggs at Lidl's last weekend and thought it would make an interesting  addition to a canape or starter. We had a girls night in a few days ago and I found the perfect excuse to use these. I looked around for recipes and found one on an Estonian food blog. Rather interesting as my first encounter with quail eggs was at a restaurant in Talinn. I pretty much stuck to the recipe but with minor tweaks. I loved the cuteness of this salad and it  seemed quite simple to make. Peeling the tiny boiled quail eggs was a bit challenging but otherwise it was easy peasy.

Recipe: Boil a dozen quail eggs and cool. Peel the eggs and take a tiny bit of the top and bottom. Halve a dozen Pimlico tomatoes and use the top bits for the toadstool effect. I used cress for the meadow effect and as it complements the egg and tomato flavours. A bit of mayo on top for the dotted toadstool effect, a drizzling of olive oil, a dash of salt and pepper and presto!

Note: Do check if you friends like egg as its not for everyone as I found out to my peril! I got a bit carried away trying to make a pretty salad that I forgot about checking with my mates!


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