Spicy Mackerel with Samphire

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Waitrose do the best mackerel I've had in the UK, other than of course freshly sourced ones from Billingsgate. For the last few days I've been craving this delicious oily fish and decided to pick some up whilst in Waitrose. I also found some Cornish  samphire (a sea vegetable)  which I've read about in Rick Stein's English Seafood Cookery book. As I love mackerel in a curry for fried in spices, I decided to do a curried, baked version of the fish. We also picked some fish radishes from our allotment and sauteed them along with the samphire and red onions. The result was absolutely lovely. Here is how I cooked it.

 Method: Marinate the mackerel in chilli powder and turmeric and bake in a greased shallow baking for about 15 mins. Meanwhile, chop 2 onions,a handful of breakfast radishes and saute them together. Add a teaspoon of garlic paste/crushed garlic. Wash the samphire thoroughly and add to the mix and saute for another 3-5 mins. Serve hot. Simple yet so very tasty!  P.S. A photo of one of our first harvests from the lottie!


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