Gyoza Anyone?

Monday, 12 September 2011

'What else can I cook with bloody cabbage?!' I thought the other day. As I sat on the bed watching TV whilst doing mental arithmetic of the various veg and how to store/cook/freeze them, I chanced upon a Jamie Oliver show. Jamie was making a Japanese favourite of Chinese origin, Gyoza. I found my solution to the cabbage conundrum! The recipe was simple enough.  And I could either make the gyoza wrapper myself or find some. I cheated and chose the latter. Our local Chinese shop stocks most asian food items and it only cost me a pound something. Here is how I made the gyoza.
I shredded a cabbage and chopped an onion and fried them in a bit of olive oil. To add my own twist, I mixed some dessicated coconut to the frying mix. I fried the mix for about 10 mins and the added it to a bowl of 500g pork mince. I mixed all the ingredients by hand and took it back to the pan for frying. I believe the traditional recipe does not require the pork to be cooked in advance but I did not fancy that method.
Once cooled, I spread a spoonful of the mix into a gyoza wrapper, crimped the edges of the wrapper and set aside. Once I had a batch of these dumplings I placed them in a saucepan and fried them for a few times before adding 1/4 cup of boiling water, closing the lid and letting the dumplings steam. The result is a dumpling that has a crunchy bottom but is soft on the inside.
To make a dipping sauce, mix soya sauce and chili oil in equal measure and serve. Douzo meshiagare = enjoy your meal! Ann x


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