Harvest Festival!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

August has been a very busy month in the allotment and September seems to continue that way. So far I've made loads of curries and curry sauces (shocking bastardisation!), desserts, savouries and pasta dishes, pickles and jams. We've also been regular gifting family and friends with veg boxes to share the love. I'll slowly try and post some photos but I find a few minutes in between the manic cooking and the equally manic day job. My husband looks suitably neglected too and I think he does come before the blog. Oh and did I mention that I've picked up my guitar again? I've found a great tutor who will hopefully get to play the guitar a bit and I need to find the time for that somewhere in between all this.  Anyway, now that I've given you many excuses, here are some photos to look at! Tata!


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