Sewing Machine Cover

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Some years ago I bought a sewing machine off Friday Ads for £10. Its was in very good condition and had hardly been used by the lady I bought it from. I also found a fabulous antique musical sewing table off eBay to rest my machine on. The table has a chest and it sings when its opened. Is there a pun there?! I found scraps of fabric from an upholstery store and shown here is a simple yet pretty cover made for it. It is also incidentally my first sewing project. Did I mention I only just started using the machine as nearly 5 years!? Instructions to follow shortly. Ann x


  1. U r so cool! Ann! Cooking, sewing ,crafts all with such panache. Fun! No pun here sweets! Keep them coming!

  2. Thanks Jyothi. Very flattered. I must admit I'm not that great at sewing and am still bumbling around my machine. I just like getting creative and that spurs me on.


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