Re-upholstering old chairs

Saturday, 14 April 2012

I've been wanting to do something about our dining chairs and table for a while now. Its A metal and glass set which works well in our dining area but age is beginning to show. My husband has had them for several years now and the fabric in the chairs had various stains. I was getting tired of the Vanish routine and decided that we either get rid or do something about these chairs. Then in a moment of inspiration, I checked the bottom of these chairs to figure out how they had been put together and to investigate re-upholstering

 I have a stash of fabulous fabrics obtained from the remnant sections of John Lewis These have been waiting for their destiny via my craft projects. I initially toyed with the idea of a different fabric for every chair, using similar fabrics as in the pumpkin pouffe. However, this just made our compact dining area look even busier so after consulting with the husband I settled for this beautiful white silk fabric. They only cost me £2.20 for all the material and I was pleased to find good use for them.

 What followed was a few nights of sewing and staple gunning and voila!. The finished product is as shown in the photo. So much nicer than the original and at very little cost!


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