Inspired by the Anthropologie Sol Pompom Necklace

Monday, 27 August 2012

Anthropologie Sol Pompom Necklace
Inspired by my recent visits to the Anthropologie store in London and their terribly gorgeous yet very expensive ( over £250) Pompom necklace, I decided to embark on yet another DIY project. I looked around the Internet for ideas and found these two blogs that were really helpful- Artzy Creations and Small Good Things.  I followed the first one pretty closely so rather than repeating all the instructions, I'll let you check out these fabulous sites. Most items were purchased off eBay and it all cost me just under £20. I chose a bright happy green and fuchsia combination and they help compensate for the summer we never had! Happy jewellery making!
Jewellery Making Kit
Sewing the rhinestone chain on to the velvet ribbon
This is what it looked like from the back when I was done sewing

Close up of the necklace
Nearly finished. I'm sure I'll touch up a bit soon!


  1. Ann that's fabulous x

  2. Such a funky necklace, and your version is amazing!


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