Afternoon Walks and Ethical Fashion

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunny days in the UK are to be treasured. More so as we head towards winter. Today was lovely and  sunny so hubby and I decided to go for a little walk near where we live. It was also great light to photograph/share some of my treasured ethical fashion buys. Ethical fashion may mean different things to different people. In essence it involves a sustainable attitude towards fashion related consumption. I'm a huge fan of charity shops, thrift stores and eBay. Recycled does not have to mean tired or grubby at all. I've made some great purchases at charity shops but two are my best buys are captured in the pictures below.

This red Morgan De Toi coat which retails at well over a £150 cost me only £6.50 at the Salvation Army!! I spent another tenner dry cleaning it but it is still lovely yet so cheap. The leather boots are Clarks and retail at nearly £100 and cost me £4.50 at Oxfam! I bought the coat just a few weeks ago but the boots have lasted me 5 years already, second-hand! The scarf is 100% silk, possibly vintage and cost a couple of quid.  So before you think of buying another fashion item (or anything else for that matter), why not check out your local charity shops first. Every little makes a difference and it makes indulging in fashion a lot less frivolous.  Ann x

P.S.: Watch this space for some more posts where I'll share some of my ethical fashion outfits

Photography by Edward Chandler


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