Pink and Thrifty

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I've already declared my passion for thrifty and ethical fashion. This post contains some more tips on finding unexpected treasures. We've been de-cluttering recently. Besides the regular charity drop-offs, we've found car boots a great way of getting rid of 'stuff' and making a few pennies in the process. However, every so often, I do make a teeny weeny purchase at the car boots, like this gorgeous Gap jumper for 10p(!!). I  had to check twice to make sure I heard right. 

It is also worth mentioning that whilst I love bargains, I'm a great believer in quality over quantity. I often seek out better/designer brands on my treasure hunts as they often tend to last much longer. I'm hardly Anna Wintour's side-kick but I do observe how trends and designs trickle down from the designer domes to the watered down versions you find on the high street. So if you can invest in an original piece of quality design wear, if its something you love and at a bargain price, you certainly should. On my public sector wage, I mostly stick to charity shop finds or designer collaborations.

The skirt I'm wearing is Preen for Debenhams ( in the sale, thank you) and a favourite. My shoes are Zara (£1+ postage on eBay), my bag is a pre-loved Marc Jacobs and my cheeky flip-flop earrings are from FabIndia.

Have you got any tips to share on where to find a cool bargain? Ann x


  1. Love the outfit and the shoes are gorgeous :)

  2. wow that skirt is amazing! Love the shape, so unusual.

    1. I love it although my hubby thinks they me look dispproportionate! x


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