DIY Sparkly Shoes: Almost 'Choos'

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lately, I've been obsessing over all things sparkly. I am certain that it is my sub-conscious reaction to the general lack of sunshine in this part of the world. Sparkly shoes are a bit of balancing act-a little bit that way and it may end up looking tacky.  And then, inspiration struck unexpectedly...

About five years ago, I bought a pair of beige textile courts from the M&S Outlet in Springfields. It cost me a fiver and I wore it lots. I was beginning to get bored of the pair and decided to give them a bit of a makeover. I tried using nail varnish on them but that turned out to be a big fail (see photo for proof!). I then bought some glitter glue, used a paint brush for the application and three coats later, ( with drying periods in between) I had the most glittery glamorous shoes ever!  The glitter glue cost me £1.99 and you can find them in most craft stores.

I don't often feel giddy about things but I cannot wait to wear my sparkly new shoes! In fact, I may just have been wearing them around the house (brushing my teeth in them :o) as they make me so happy. Don't you think they look a bit like these Jimmy Choos? ;) I'd love to hear your shoe makeover ideas too! Ann x

After: All sparkly and glam!

Before: And after the nail vanish disaster


  1. I am obsessed with all things sparkly, gonna absolutely spark some of my shoes up as well!


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