Fashionable Travel Treasures: Mekhelas Part 1

Sunday, 16 December 2012

My travel adventures started as soon as I landed a grown-up job a decade or so ago. Whilst I dreamt of exploring Venice in a gondola, wandering the streets of Paris and hiking up the alps, I could not afford to travel overseas. Instead, I chose to travel around India at every available opportunity. I'd been forever allured by the north-eastern states of India but they were not easy to travel around due to tourism restrictions, permits and militancy. Also, women don't often travel on their own around India, let alone in the north-east. However, thanks to help from my friend Sammy, I finally managed to travel out there. It was an adventure trip of a lifetime and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone planning a visit to India.

The local women wear sarongs called mekhelas which are unique to their individual tribes. I bought traditional mekhelas from every state I visited and they have held pride of place in my wardrobe for years. Mekhelas are often hand-woven by local artisans and each piece is unique. I purchased this particular mekhala from a girl in the village of Dharikati near Arunachal Pradesh-Assam border. The mekhela is worn like a sarong but tucked into an under-skirt. Sammy explained that the embroidery on this particular mekhala was on the back to avoid it getting crumpled. It is warm, trans-seasonal, versatile and colourful. Here, I've teamed it up a Zara blouse, a South Indian tribal necklace and Dune shoes (£5 via eBay). I absolutely love wearing this mekhala as it gets me nostalgic and transports me to a time when I was young (er) and more adventurous. Have you found unique outfits from your travels too? Ann x


  1. awesome I saw it very late. How cool can that be? When are you hitting the North East India again? Get back we need a lot of environmental engineering here.


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