Fashionable Travel Treasures: Cos I love a Masai Necklace

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Those who have known me long enough will know of my long quest for a Masai beaded necklace. I wanted a beautiful, handmade and brightly coloured piece of bead art. For years, I trawled though craft markets, ethinic stores and the internet but failed to find the perfect one. Eventually, I did find one whilst visiting a Masai village in Tanzania but the Chief's son wanted to over-charge ($50) me for it. I know when I'm being given a tourist price. I would not have minded if the proceeds went to the woman who made it but I knew that wasn't the case. Then, whilst at the government shop in Ngorongoro, I found The Necklace. It only took me about seven years to find it but I think it was well worth the wait, especially as it comes with a travel story. If you fancy buying African jewellery, try the Con-fused Arts online shop for some gorgeous pieces.

I wear the necklace as often as I can. It only cost me $15 but I've not found another piece of jewellery that makes me happier (except of course my wedding bling). I sometimes dress it down with a black polo neck top and jeans or dress it up with a silk blouse. My favourite combination though is with my white poplin Cos dress. I've been called a 'Victorian ghost', 'hospital worker' and 'poor orphan' whilst in this dress by those without an eye for fashion- you know who you are ;). It has not put me off in the slightest. Cos is one of my favourite high-end high-street brands and the quality and style of this dress speaks for itself. And, I'd definitely recommend the Cos sales.

What do you make of the outfit? Have you got a cherished piece of jewellery from your travels too? Ann x

Photography by Edward Chandler


  1. Wow! seven years is a long time- is offering masai jewelry, you can always contact them for special orders or custom made masai jewelry just for you


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