Fashionable Travel Treasures: Estonian Snow Boots

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

If you squint hard enough, you can see the positive in every situation. The transition from the balmy weather in India to the freezer that is the UK has not been easy. However, bountiful snow has given the country a postcard quality and made the shift a little bearable. Shoe fiend that I am, I had to get out and play in my *favourite* pair of boots for the occasion. It is an annual tradition developed over the last few snowy years.

Of course, I have to give you the travel tale. Some years ago, I hopped on a boat from Helsinki on a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia's quaint capital city. Clearly, a day isn't enough to take in most places but Tallinn is compact enough to do it. I wandered around the Christmas market in the city square, discovered beautiful churches and street stalls, and bumped into this lovely shoe boutique that sold shoes in classic Estonian knits. I fell in love with these wacky boots and simply had to take them home to the UK-even if there had been very little snow for a few years. My friends giggled at the sight of these mad boots but as you've probably figured-things like that don't put off things I love.

Talk about tempting fate, a year later, the bonkers weather began, now referred to as Extreme Weather Events or EWE. Global warming in so 1990s! The EWE phenomenon has guaranteed a good dump of snow over the last few years which meant my shoe has fulfilled its destiny. Anyway, enough of me rambling about climate change and snow fashion. What do you make of these wacky boots too? And have you picked up whimsical items on your travels?  Ann x

P.S. If you can't travel to Tallinn to buy a similiar pair,  these Tommy & Kate Knitted Boots  are so cute too!


  1. Hi, I appreciate your writing. I wish it only snow a couple days a year. I have snow on the ground from October/November to March/April. one year it even snowed in may. >_>
    complete estonian


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