Fashionable Travel Treasures: Cos I Love the Ugandan Bag

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I'm liking my travel fashion series. It is making me think about and dig out those little gems in my wardrobe from my many travel adventures. I am a bag lady. Being a bag lady does come with its many conundrums-one of them being the under-use of beautiful bags. My little bag from Uganda is one of those under-used babies. This bag was a gift from my Uncle and Aunt in Uganda whilst we were out there. It is handmade by the local women from locally sourced products. It has a unique shape and it is beautifully made. It is the kind of bag that, with a bit of thought, will take you from a day in the office to drinks at night. You can buy similar bags (with a bit of patience) on eBay and online African stores for less than $50.

I've teamed my lovely Ugandan bag with another favourite from Cos, the yellow straight cut dress. I adore its androgynous cut. The fabric is a lovely and thick and it washed really well. A lot of Cos dresses are trans-seasonal or can become trans-seasonal with clever pairing.

And when I don this outfit, I dream of lush green forests, crossing the equator, perfectly temperate weather, sipping Amarula cocktails and all the loveliness of Uganda.

Have you got an under-used  fashion accessory from your travels too? Ann x

Photography by Edward Chandler


  1. I have a bag from Papua New Guinea that is fabulous and I almost NEVER use it. I haven't gone as far as to buy a 'Hawaiian shirt' in Hawaii, but I do often buy items on trips that are much more colorful than my style preferences at home. I use my beautiful bag to hold accessories (hats) , and it hangs from the open coat rack in the living room. I am hoping that this does the bag SOME justice.

    1. A bag for hats, now that is a fab idea. I may even steal it! Hawaii and I love London t-shirts are are cringe worthy but once you get past the touristy crap, there are always gems to be found. I'm sure you've done the bag justice- maybe you should blog about clever storage? Ann x

  2. I have so many things I've bought in strange places and then realised don't quite suit my normal life... sigh.

  3. Your bag fits same with your shoes.


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