London Fashion Week AW13: Bora Aksu

Saturday, 16 February 2013

When I started writing this post, I asked myself what I was hoping to achieve. Detailed reviews, clips and photos are already all over the Internet from the Bora Aksu AW13 show (which was the  second on schedule on day one of LFW). I'm not really going to add much more by way of sartorial musings than say Vogue or Elle. I could however share my experience of my very first show at my very first Fashion Week. Also, as a fashion outsider, I suspect my perspective may be slightly different to that of those on the inside.

Fact is, I felt a school girl giddiness as I lined up for Bora Aksu. I was thrilled that I'd actually got a ticket in the first place (newbie blogger and all). That giddiness turned to slight anxiety when, after over half hour of queueing, we were told that the catwalk was full. Thankfully, I was among the first forty on the standing allocation that got to view the show from the large viewing screen behind the catwalk. From a taking-photos point of view, it was rubbish. But then again, given how popular Bora shows are, even if I did get in to the catwalk arena, a standing allocation may have just meant photos of multicoloured fashion heads. Point to note, always get to a show half an hour early. They are often overbooked. 


As the music started up and the show began, I sat open mouthed and mesmerised. Slinky, expression-less models sashayed in wearing exquisite creations in multiple textures, intricate weaves and floaty purples. The clothes were fantastic and to my novice eyes, very much wearable. I absolutely adored the beautiful crocheted headgear ; if only I had the bone structure to carry them off. There was something strangely familiar about these models; I now understand Bora was trying to capture the essence of the Diane Arbus identical twins photo.

The show only lasted about thirty minutes but I really did love every minute of it. The purples and floatiness-contrasted-by-leather aesthetic very much appealed to me. The whole experience felt surreal; moi geeky engineer sat at a London Fashion Week show. I know I would have been terribly annoyed had I been one of those that got turned away; for some, this was their only fashion week show. The upshot of it all is that I am intrigued by this Turkish designer and will hopefully be able to afford his beautiful creations one day ( Are you listening TK Maxx?). 

What do you make of these clothes? Was your first Fashion Week show experience anything like mine? Ann x

All photos downloaded from Vogue online as mine were shit; taking pictures of a screen is pointless.


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