London Fashion Week AW13: Orla Kiely

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I once came across my mother-in-law's school photo from the 60's and  fell in love with it. It was a black & white official school photo of a girls only class where they all had either a fabulous back-combed up-do or a swish bob. It was très chic. It was so different to the bland school photos of my generation. MIL is the shy private types and would not have any of my "I'd like to copy it and frame if please". And I let it go. Zoom back to a week ago, I had the same expression on my face as had when I first saw that photo and felt the same awe as I knelt on the floor watching and photographing the Orla Kiely A/W13 collection at London Fashion Week. Amongst the countless astute media  narratives of the presentation, and references to Margot Tenenbaum and chubby coats, the best I can muster was a 'oh so pretty! I want it all!'. The presentation, which centred around a 60's typing pool, was all about vintage office girl chic.

The Orla Kiely presentation was the bit I was most excited about at London Fashion Week. Having read accounts of her previous ones, my expectations were sky high. I was not disappointed. The icing on the cake was Orla's unassuming presence in the room. Following my Mawi cringe-fest, my grown-up self should have learnt how to pitch myself better. The reality was far from it, I was completely star-struck. I blurted something along the lines of "Hi Orla, I'm a big fan I love your work. Can I take your photo please?" Orla was lovely ( and kind?) and said she looked awful and that she had no make-up on and went on to say she'd send me a photo. Then she has for my card. In my little head, I had arrived. Even though she quite possibly added mine to a pile of others filed under 'sad bloggers'. Next year, I'll make intelligent conversation, I promise myself.

I'll leave you with some of my photos from the day. Let me know what you make of the collection. Ann x



  1. Hello - I was also there and was another 'sad blogger' who talked to her...ha ha :-) It really was a special event! Your post is lovely! x

  2. Lol, I wish I'd known! Didn't know anyone else there. Thanks :). Just looked at your blog via phone and it looks fab. Bookmarking to look properly later x

    1. Ha Ha - me neither! Damn! Thanks for taking a look! x


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