Let's Brooch the Subject

Monday, 18 March 2013

 Did you know that brooches date back to the bronze age? Nothing sharpens a dull piece of clothing like a quirky brooch or two. The little wonders also work miracles on most pieces of clothing that need a cheer-up. I've been tidying up my jewellery box and have fallen in love again with some of my little funky friends. I thought it was only right that I channel that love into a post on the subject.

There is no limit the style potential of brooches. You can use them in lieu of buttons, wear them on the tip of your shirt collars, use them as scarf pins and pin them on coats and tops. And, why wear one brooch when you wear five at the same time? I love using my brooches to spruce up tired coats or relatively dull outfits

I find that charity and vintage stores are often the best places to find unique brooches. One of my favourites is this black cab brooch from a Sue Ryder shop. You can also find lots of brooches on sale on eBay at great bargains. Les Nereides make some of the most beautiful brooches I've come across in the long while. They are not cheap but if you keep an eye out on sites like Brandalley and Secret Sales, you could find some real bargains. Etsy is another great place to find unique handmade brooches.

How do you like to wear your brooch? Ann x


  1. I don't have very many brooches, but this post made me want to give them a better try. You have so many fun ones.

    1. Thanks. Just checked out your blog and you have some fab things on there! Ann x

  2. Id wear it on the lapel of a jacket.
    Im following you back on bloglovin now.
    Looking forward to new posts.
    Love G xx



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