London Fashion Week AW13: Edeline Lee

Friday, 29 March 2013

I'd be lying if I said I knew anything about Edeline Lee before LFW. Nevertheless, I happened to get an invite to her AW13 presentation on the last day of Fashion Week. Day 5 also happened to be the day I got the maximum invites so I'm pleased that despite thinking about it, I did not give her show a miss. The location of the presentation was intriguing and historic Middle Temple Hall which brought to mind secret rituals and masonic elements. The collection seemed inspired in parts by Egyptian mythology, Adam & Eve and the Art Deco era. The prevailing ambience was one of mysteriousness. 

The presentation took place at 10 minute intervals. As we walked in, the models were dancing to what I now understand were 16th century Tudor dance steps. The fact is, I only knew this from scouring show reports whilst attempting to make full sense of the presentation. After that, the girls they seemed to partake in some kind of old-school cultish ritual but lining up to bow before the main character who wore a blouse with the Eye of Horus printed on it. It was at once both baffling and interesting.

I will now stop my feeble attempts to deciper to mind of Edeline Lee and her choreographer and let you enjoy the photos ( all mine) instead. Ann x


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