Quirky 80's Fashion and Comic Relief

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I am ashamed to state that this post is born out my failing to adhere to the Tenth Commandment. My fashion sense is very 'individual' but on rare occasions, I covet what others have. In this case, some of the cool girls of blogosphere have been sporting the Vivetta Primrose top and it set me on a desperate pursuit to find it, and for cheaper than retail price. After a few months of looking around, I found it via the Italian boutique store Cafe Moda Rinaldi and at nearly 70% off. I'd seen it styled in a few different ways but I chose to go the eighties route and wear it with an old black jumpsuit from ASOS. I'm not convinced the jumpsuit really works for my petite pear frame, but I wear it nevertheless!

In case my non-UK readers were wondering what has happened to my nose, I chose to combine this outfit post with a note about Red Nose Day. It is part of  the charity Comic Relief's fund raising campaign to create a world free of poverty. The funds raised through Red Nose Day are used in the UK to provide shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. In Africa, it helps save thousands from malaria and provides whole communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines.

I know the fashion world may seem a bit shallow but many of the top designers like Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Lulu Guinness etc. help contribute to Red Nose Day by creating unique fashion items, with part of the proceeds going towards raising funds for the charity. This year, I bought the fabulous Lulu Guinness Dolls Face Tote from Sainsburys as my little part of supporting the appeal. I also bought a couple of these as pressies as I think they are fabulous!

What have you lovely people been up to for Red Nose Day? Ann x

Wearing: Vivetta Primrose Shirt; ASOS Jumpsuit; Mulberry Alexa Satchel; M&S Faux Snakeskin Heels; Lulu Guiness Tote for Red Nose Day from Sainsbury's


  1. These photos are really beautifully done, and your outfit is so, so chic!

    1. Thank you T. All credit to Ed for the photos and it is one of my fave tops:) x


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