Dressing Table Makeover on a Budget

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Have you ever felt frustrated by a corner of your home? Of late, I've been feeling rather uninspired by my dressing area. It was cluttered, utilitarian and not exactly pretty. When I finally found  makeover inspiration through Pinterest and the Lucky Mag, I wanted to act swiftly. The Easter Bank Holiday weekend combined with depressing weather meant we had no desire to work in the allotment and enough time to do stuff around the house. I had a vision of what I wanted my dressing area to look like and wanted to make it a reality. I also wanted to do it at very little cost. I scoured the Internet including eBay and Etsy and stores like Dunelm Mill but did not find what I was looking for (or at least not at the right price). That mirrored vanity tray I so dearly wanted continued to elude me and the high street simply did not inspire.

Dressing Table: Before

I dragged Ed around a number of charity shops but saw nothing that was quite perfect for what I was after. Ed eventually suggested visiting the Sue Ryder Superstore in Thorney. That was an inspired suggestion. I found everything I was looking for ( almost) and at a great bargain. I found a vintage mirror for a £1, a cut glass tray that I chose to use as a vanity tray for £3, a lovely little lampshade for £2 etc. The entire haul seen in the photo below cost just £20! Do you see why I love charity shops so much?

Charity Shop Haul

Here are the steps I went through to reinvent my dressing table
  • De-clutter: I bagged all the jewellery and bits and bobs I had not used in the last six months into a bag for a charity drop. I also saved some bits for a spring car boot.
  • Clean canvas: I cleared the entire space as it used to be and started thinking through the ideal layout for the area. I had an end result in mind which was dreamy and beautiful. I used that vision to develop the space.
  • Showcase jewellery: Ed helped me with a bit of drilling and nails ( he is tall and that helps!) to hang some of my favourite necklaces. I used an old gold frame to showcase some of my favourite earrings. DIY post to follow.
Mirror and glass for a touch of class

  • Glass is good: I used the vintage glass tray as my vanity tray to hold perfumes, lotions and candles. Glass jars formed sparkly hiding places for more more utilitarian items. I used a vintage sundae glass to hold some sparkly bits of jewellery
  • Finishing touches: I held onto a my little jewellery cabinet from TK Maxx as it was pretty and blended in nicely with the overall look of the area. The recycled table lamp and some flowers helped finish the look. I'm still on the lookout for some flocked wallpaper to decoupage the top of the table for a bit of extra glamour.
Perfume collection and a bit of Diptyque

Whilst it took me a while to find the various bits for my dressing table project, the organising the space only took a few hours. The end result was immensely satisfying and achieved on a shoestring budget. This project has also inspired me to start tackling other little corners of the house that need a bit of TLC.

Do you like my little DIY makeover project? Have you been up to any budget makeover projects yourself? Ann x

Dressing Table: After

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  1. It's gorgeous. I clean up my dressing table every few months, but then I always start putting other things on there and make it a mess again.

    1. Thank you. I know the feeling. I must admit that having pretty-fied it means I'm less inclined to clutter it as much!


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