London Fashion Week AW13: Ashish

Friday, 5 April 2013

Many of you know that I'm a civil engineer by background and have spent a good part of my working life on construction sites. Some years ago, I was based full-time on a couple of construction sites wearing oversized hi-vis jackets, hard hats and steel toe boots. My only means of counteracting that scruffiness was to put on lots of lippy, all through the day. That period had a lot of influence over my conversion into a fashionista. I needed creative balance in my life after a long day of being surrounded by diggers and construction folk.


I never once equated hi vest jackets and PPE with fashion. You can imagine my surprise when I received my invite to the Ashish show at London Fashion Week which had a construction site as its cover photo. I was suitably intrigued. Ashish stuck to the promise in his teaser invite. The  show began with the models sauntering in wearing glittery hi-vis jackets. I felt a DIY PPE session coming on.... Whilst the entry seemed a bit too predictable, the follow-up act was good. The show focused on construction site inspired chic  with boiler suits, keffiyeh inspired dresses and plenty of hi-vis action. It was fascinating, to say the least. I'd be interested in seeing how many celebs/people actually end up wearing some of this collection. I quite like the dresses...

What do you make of the collection? Would you wear a hi-vis jacket with glittery heels? Could this be the future of fashion? ;) Ann x

All photo via Vogue Online


  1. Hmm not sure that i'd wear a hi-vis jacket any time soon, but i've got to say some of the pieces are so cool!

    1. I agree!I like the keffiyeh/houndstooth fabrics! :)


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