Mixing it up a little

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I subscribe to a style that is both whimsical and eclectic; be it in the form of  giant candy shaped bags or hot pink skirts that have made friends with a bit too much plastic. I believe that the clothes you wear, and more importantly, the way you wear them play a big role in your sense of cheerfulness.
The English weather has been rather hit and miss of late and I needed to inject a big dose of cheer into my day. So for our little Saturday morning trip into town to see friends, I chose to mix it up a bit. I paired a nice classic cashmere with a playful skirt from Monki , a pair of converse trainers with a lovely silk scarf, and topped it all of it with sweet shaped bag! I looked at the mirror and smiled :) My husband insisted that I looked completely bonkers but that didn't really put me off. Here is a little secret; I like dressing bonkers just to make people laugh. After all, life's too short to dress like you are in mourning!

In case you were wondering why I'm stood in front of an Indianesque sculpture, this photo was taken at The Banyan Tree, a local Indian restaurant. We rarely visit Indian restaurants as we cook Indian food at home and the westernised offerings we get at restaurants rarely measures up.The food at The Banyan Tree was nice enough but I particularly liked their choice of beverages which included mint tea. Personally, I think its more Moroccan than Indian but it works well in cooling your tummy after a hot curry.

What do you make of my outfit? Would wear Converse with silk and cashmere ( and giant candy bags) ? Have you been up to any quirky styling of late? Ann x

Wearing: Lands's End Cashmere Jumper, Moschino silk scarf, Monki Tamary Skirt, vintage Converse, Margiela Candy Clutch

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love that bag! It's so cool. I'd definitely use it.

  2. Thank you Natasha! You may still find some of eBay although they are selling for a lot more than the original H&M esque price!

  3. very daring and pulled it off.

  4. Love your skirt and clutch! The way you styled the scarf if fabulous too!

    1. Thank you Ashley. It was fun despite my husband's protests that I looked silly :)

  5. SKIRT TWINS! I love how you've styled like with that amazzzzzing bag <3



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