I Heart London!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Despite being a non-Londoner who is not really bothered about living in the city, I love London. It has so much history and character oozing through its veins.  And yet, it is thriving, vibrant and has enough modernity to keep my shallower instincts hooked. For this and many other reasons, Ed and I visit London often. It isn't particularly far from where we live although I do wish the train tickets were a bit cheaper! This weekend, we decided to pop over to catch up with family. Ed's cousins suggested a restaurant in the fashionable One New Change building with spectacular views of The Shard and St. Paul's cathedral .  The views from the building so essentially London; the steep rise of steel and glass versus the ancient feel of the cathedral's majestic dome.

London is quirky. The London fashion scene is often non-conformist. In keeping with the spirit of the city,  I chose to don a quirky bicycle necklace along with a cheeky pair of Moschino shades. Due to our marginal escape from a triple dip recession and the economy not really where it should be, I continue to make fashion choices that are mostly thrifty. The necklace was the fruit of a long sale watch on ASOS and the shades are a fabulous TK Maxx find. I do love TK Maxx!  My Burberry inspired trench was an H&M flash sale find for £13 and my stem print scarf was a thrifty product of the Orla Kiley for Uniqlo collaboration.

I like to be comfortable whilst on my weekend expeditions and my no-brainer mullet dress from the Zara sale was a perfect choice. A no-brainer weekend dress, in my opinion, needs no ironing, fits well and makes you feel fab. And my beautiful Michael Kors bag was a birthday present from my husband via Bicester Village. Fashion is so much more fun when they are great deals! My favorite items of all in this ensemble is my little hat, just £1 from a Sue Ryder charity shop!

What bargains have you found recently? And have you any suggestions for great views of London? Ann x
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Photography by Edward Chandler


  1. London is probably one of my favorite cities in the world. There is this cool yet sophisticated vibe there. Would love to live there one day even just for a bit! Love bargains for sure. After working in retail for so long and knowing how much items really cost ill only splurge on classic pieces. Love the bicycle necklace on you!

  2. I agree! I slowly grown to learn that huying tat is pointing and that is better to build buy classic staples instead. I'm glad you like the bicke necklace, it always makes me smile :)

  3. I have to agree that finding something for a great deal gives you a high. And the fact that you have confessed it all here is fantastic. ( It is a great thing to be thrifty, atleast in these economic times, though not everyone accepts it)

    Plus the concept of a "no-brainer" anything has appealed to me so much. Such a great way to put it this way :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  4. Love the sunnies, Ann! And I am terrible...I think because i work in central everyday and live in London, I rarely do 'touristy' things - I've never been up St Paul's Cathedral! The shame!

    1. Thanks Alex. Human nature I suppose, I bet you will want to suddenly do a lot of touristy things if you were moving countries! :)


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