Sunken Churches and Pearls on Girrafes

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rest and sunshine are good for the soul. I'd had an incredibly busy few weeks with lots of work related travel included and I needed to stop. Ed and I decided to take the day off, chill out and also attend to some much needed housekeeping. It was a while since we'd had beautiful weather and we decided to organise a picnic lunch in between our chores.
Rutland water is a local water reserve and a great place  for picnics. We headed to the south shore of Rutland Water near the famous Normanton Church. The church which was a private chapel to the Normanton Estate escaped demolition despite being below the flood level for the proposed reservoir. It was de-consecrated in 1970 and a Trust was formed to try and ensure its preservation. A bank was built to protect it from the water and a causeway was laid to provide access. This iconic structure is now a museum and a lovely sight .

Rutland water is also a great place for all means of outdoor activities including fly fishing, rafting, sailing and cycling. It had well planned walking routes which we chose to make the most of following our sumptuous picnic lunch. Visiting Rutland water is a great idea if you are in this part of the world and I'd definitely recommend looking up their website for full details of facilities on offer.

Whilst it was sunny, it wasn't as warm as I'd have liked it to be and so I had to dress appropriately. I chose a Moschino dress with a cheeky print of a giraffe wearing pearls and teamed it with a simple top from Zara. I wore some pearls too to match the giraffe and I thought it worked out quite well! The dress was a lucky find in the my-wardrobe sale and I managed to shave an additional 40% with a voucher code. Result! Top tip, always look for discount codes, even it something is in the sale. To keep the chill off, I carried with me a lovely vintage leather jacket which cost me... hold your breath.. £1!!. I've had it for a few years and it still does the trick.

I'd love to hear about your thrifty buys and also your favourite hangouts! Ann x

Wearing Top: Zara, Dress: Love Moschino, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Pam & Arch, Sunglasses: Givenchy

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Photography by Edward Chandler


  1. What a fun outfit! Super cute!
    Fashion Ganache

    1. Thank you, I had fun wearing it too ;)

  2. I there anything better than animals on clothes? Yes, animals saying funny things on clothes. LOVE!

    anna & lauren

  3. Thank you both! I couldn't agree more :) Ann x


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