A little flower festival

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Serendipity is such fun. Whilst wandering the streets of the very quaint town of  Pizzo, we noticed the entrance to the local church getting beautifully dressed in floral art. A number of dexterous young people were busy creating religious images through the medium of petals. It happened to be 'Infiorata' which is the Italian celebration of Corpus Christi, a Christian festival celebrated some weeks after Easter. In true Italian style, they engaged us in animated conversation trying to convey the full extent of what the day was all about. My Italian was 'poco poco' but I nevertheless enjoyed the lively exchange.

Eventually, we took leave and started walking back to our holiday flat. En-route we passed by some beaming sunflowers growing wild on a steep slope. Inspired by Infiorata and partly because I adore sunflowers, I walked down the steep little path to admire them from closer. I also gave in to temptation and plucked a little sunflower to prettify our room. It was a bit of walk back to where we were staying and by the time we got there, my wildflower collection had substantially grown! I'd also somehow acquired a sparkly little bracelet from one of the local village shops!

Whilst we were only staying in Pizzo for a couple of days, I liked the idea of making our temporary living space cosy and colourful. The little sunflower and its colourful friends brought us plenty of cheer. As a side note, for maximum comfort during my holiday exploits, I wore a easy over-sized linen dress for my favourite shop, Cos. It was no iron, no fuss and easy chic, just the way holiday style should be. And, it came in ice-cream colours so even better ;)

Have you had any unexpected little happy events recently? Do share! Ann x

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Photography by Edward Chandler


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