Quirky Restaurants: The Yoga House, Mumbai

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

In the heart of bustling Bandra ( a very popular suburb of Mumbai), in the very quaint Chimbai Road area, is a little oasis called The Yoga House. I'd read about the place in the Indian edition of Vogue and wanted to check it out myself. I half expected an over-rated hyped-up place that sold eastern philosophy to western tourists. I was wrong. If I had to use a word to describe the place, it would be authentic. The eating area is very Ghandian cool. They burn frankincense in the evenings. The menu is wholesome yet unpretentious and reasonably priced (relatively speaking).

We visited the yoga house one Friday evening whilst briefly stopping over in Mumbai. We sat by the open air eating area,  looking at a fraction of the Arabian sea in the near distance, listening to hymns from the church next door and the yoga teacher possibly explaining Anjaneyasana pose. I drank a virgin mojito and Ed sipped Mami's coffee which was essentially NescafĂ© with jaggery and cinnamon. It was blissful.

The menu has interesting titles and I chose 'I am Dancing' for my main which was essentially an Indianized brown rice paella. Ed had 'I am Detoxing' which a scrumptious quinoa burger. Both dishes were thoroughly satisfying, wholesome and delicious. We shared a baked apple and ice-cream number for dessert which was nice too. We figured that a wheat grass shot ( at Rs.60 a go i.e less than £1) seemed a nice way to finish off the meal.

Watching the yoga session made us both want to go join in. Sadly, you can't really do yoga with a full belly. We asked the staff for details of the Yoga course and I was little shocked by the prices. India has moved on so much since I last lived there. They Rs.600 per session or Rs.7000 for unlimited classes a month which seemed a little more expensive than what I'd pay in the UK. And yet, they seemed very popular.

Seemingly expensive yoga sessions aside, we think it is a great place to hang out and enjoy some serenity amongst Mumbai's chaos. The detox diet has inspired me to start using more brown rice and quinoa back home.I'd definitely recommend a visit to The Yoga House if you ever happen to be in Mumbai.  Ann x

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