DIY Scented Candle

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I *adore* good quality scented candles. I particularly like Diptyque, Frederic Malle and Rituals. The former two are particularly expensive and rarely go on sale. In an effort to recreate the same effect without denting my bank account too much, I decided to give it a go myself. Credit also goes to my friend Ellie for sowing the seed idea in my little head. Making your own scented candles is so easy and here is how you do it.

You will need the following:
  • Wax (use leftover bits of old candles or soy wax as I did)
  • Wick set (as in the picture)
  • Essential oils or fragrance oils of your choice. I used 2 tbsp of vanilla oil for one regular size jam jar
  • A jam jar. I used an old Bonne Maman one from my mother-in-law as we don't buy that much jam.
  • A cheapie/old saucepan for melting your wax
  • A large pan for boiling water and seating your saucepan in. Alternatively, just use a double boiler.
  • An old wooden spoon for stirring


Melt the wax using the double boiler arrangement. Do not heat the wax directly as it is flammable. Soy wax is great and melts easily. It feels better than ordinary parrafin wax.

Thread the wick through the base plate and tie a knot at one end to secure the wick. Place this carefully in the center of the candle. Retain a length of wick equivalent to about 1.5 times the depth of the jar. Once the wax has melted, add the scented oil and pour the wax mixture into the jam jar. It will take a couple of hours to cool and solidify.

After a couple of hours, break the surface of the candle with a chopstick. You will notice gaps underneath formed by air bubbles.  Add a little more wax to top up the jar ( or just skip this and light the candle till the surface re-settles).  Once the candle is properly cooled and solidified, trim the wick ( to the depth of the jar but not too short) and burn the candle.

I've been extremely pleased by my little candle which I think is just as good as the posh ones! And, it has no nasties in it.  I've accessorized my DIY candle with seasonal flower arrangements in mini Bonne Maman jam jars (that I politely asked to take away after a brekkie at the Birmingham Malmaison).

 I'd definitely recommend making your own candles; so satisfying. Let me know if you do give it a go and how you got on.  Ann x

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  1. Hi Ann, I love this post and I'm definately going to do it (I have about 20 of these jars as I always keep them for something or other. I just wondered how much of the 1kilo bag of soy wax did you use in the 1 jar? I'm going to do a batch and put them away for Christmas gifts xxx

    1. Hiya, I only used about 10% of the bag. Hardly made a dent! I'm doing just that. Some nice wintery fragrances and Christmas is sorted! Ann x

  2. i had actually attended a candle making workshop back in India and i was so obsessed with it that my parents had to beg me to stop gifting people candles :)
    You have totally made me want to try it again here. I am a sucker for scented candles. Joke in my house is that i will have a 100 candles lying around but the moment the current goes i wont let anyone light them because they are too pretty :)

    1. Haha so funny. Let me know if you make some more!

  3. Great work you had. It's beautiful.


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