Fiddly but Fun: DIY Mosaic Art

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Back in Monreale, we discovered a quaint craft shop behind the cathedral. The place, mosaico arte ed artigianato, specialised in making beautiful mosaics. I loved every bit of the shop. Whilst the mosaics were masterpieces in their own right and varied in price, I fancied giving it a go myself. I found a few bits of DIY kit from the shop and ventured into making my own pretty ( but imperfect) mosaic art. If I can do it , so can you! Here is what you need...

A small picture frame (charity shops are a good place to find them)
Polymer clay or similar for the base
Bits of ceramic for the mosaic
Some bog standard glue
A pair of small tweezers and a toothpick for positioning the ceramics
A design of choice


Fill the inside of the picture frame with a thin (50mm max) layer of clay. Spread a layer of glue thinly over this base. Position your ceramics into a pattern of your choice on a sheet of paper. I wanted to replicate one of the flower pot designs from the shop in Monreale so bought bits to suit.

Now, slowly move these bits onto the clay base using the tweezers. Once you are happy with your pattern, push the ceramic bits ever so slightly into the clay so they are firmly in place.

 Fill any gaps with glitter glue or coloured filler of your choice. You masterpiece is complete!

The tricky bit in all this is actually getting the pattern to work neatly. Smaller your pattern, the more fiddly it gets. Mine was tiny so it did get a little tricky at times. Nevertheless, this is a really easy, quick and fun DIY project. You could also mosaic your plat pots, picture frames ( borders), etc. Let me know if you give it a go. Ann x

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