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Saturday, 6 July 2013

I've been meaning to start an interview series on the blog for a while now and I am both pleased and  honoured to have the lovely London scarf designer Tamara Fowler for the very first one. Tamara graduated with a degree in fashion design from Central Saint Martins and has since worked with some of the best talent in the industry. The Tamara Tobias brand is all about luxurious textures and stunning prints. Her hydrangea and bouquet scarves in particular had me in complete swoon mode. To get know the brains behind these truly stunning creations, I had a little virtual chit chat with Tamara. Read it all here....

I'd love to know what inspired you to start your gorgeous boutique..
Passion for print and design and my own love of accessories is what inspired me to start Tamara Tobias. I always knew that I wanted to run my own successful business that stood out in the market and provide other women with joy and a sense of luxury. Being a devoted scarf fan myself, I felt that this interest was where I wanted to build a brand from and showcase my designs online to a wide network of equally keen scarf fans!

Where do you get your style inspiration from?
Everywhere! My inspiration for our first collection came from photographs that I had taken in so many places. I am always inspired by beautiful things that can range from simple, everyday objects to wonderful, unique finds that I believe will end up looking amazing when printed digitally onto any fabric. 

Which are your favourite pieces from your collection?
My favourite pieces are the 'Bouquet' scarf, as this design was inspired by my own wedding bouquet and therefore always brings back very happy memories for me when I wear it or see someone else wearing it and I also love the 'Hydrangea' scarf, as it fun and bold and looks great in the sunshine!

If you were to give the readers of 'A Quirky Lifestyle' one piece of style advice, what would that be??
As all good style-savvy individuals know, scarves complete an outfit and are the ‘must – have’ accessory for feeling fabulous.
Tamara Tobias scarves are available on her website and come in a  variety of fabrics ranging from 100% silk to cashmere mix with prices ranging from £60-£120. So, if you are looking for that extra oomph in your wardrobe or just a bit loveliness in your life, you should definitely check out a Tamara Tobias creation. They are blooming gorgeous! 
Have a lovely weekend you guys! Ann x

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