DIY Crochet Bracelet

Saturday, 31 August 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently learnt to crochet. Back in school, crochet and knitting bored me silly. Now that I'm older, it somehow seems so much cooler. I dream of making beautiful lace crochet collars, scarves, doilies etc. However, I'd like to learn to walk properly first before I start sprinting. Whilst I've created more substantial bits of crochet since my lessons, I'd like to share a very very simple craft idea that even a novice crocheter could make. Here is how your create a simple crochet bracelet.

You will need:
Chain link of appropriate length to fit your wrist
Findings for linking the chain link
Jewellery pliers
A pair of scissors


Create your base chain link bracelet using the links ( as shown in picture). Do not make this a tight link as you will need to allow some extra room to make your crochet fit.

Chain and then single crochet into the link bracelet. Leave a link free at each end of the bracelet. Your crochet bracelet is now complete! 

You could build extra stitches in another colour to add some more interest to your bracelet. Alternatively, you could sew rhinestone or pearls onto the crochet for a bit of sparkle.

I hope you give this little DIY a go, it is so very easy and a great way to get hooked on to crochet. Ann x
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