Glam up a Serving Tray with Decoupage

Friday, 23 August 2013

Partnerships always come with their share of compromises. Ed and I have had ours and they are all trivial ones. One such compromise was Ed's IKEA serving trays. I hated them! They were very utilitarian lacked anything aesthetic whatsoever. They did however serve some purpose, usually to help us dine in front of the TV on rare occasions. I recently realised there was really easy way to make these ugly trays more glamorous i.e. decoupage them!

Some weeks ago, I bought a few beautiful sheets of wrapping paper for 50p each in the Paperchase sale. They were so pretty that I was sure I could also put them to good use on an art project. That is when I realised that with a bit of Mod Podge and a few hours on a weekend, I could easily revamp those horrid trays I previously mentioned. To do a similar decoupage, you will need the following:

Pretty paper
A tub of Mod Podge ( or PVA glue)

A paint brush
Paper and ruler
Absorbent paper for tidying up the edges
An item to decoupage, in this case a tray.


Cut the paper to size using the pencil, ruler and scissors. Thinly cover the surface you want to decoupage with Mod Podge. Let this sit for a couple of minutes before placing the paper on top and pressing it in well. Use the the ruler to smooth the surface. Wait for 20 minutes.

After the paper has tuck well, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge. Wait for 30 minutes until the layer is completely dry. Continue this method until you have at least three top coats. Your decoupage is now done!

I hope you give decoupage a go and let me know how you get on! Ann x
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