Autumn Bucket List

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Those living in this part of the world will share my post-summer blues; England is far far too cold and wet right now! As I find myself so much more productive when the days are lighter and the air warmer, I felt the need for a focus list to keep Autumn blues at bay. Add to that, there are a lot of changes afoot in our personal lives that bring with them their fair share of stress and anxiety. I'm hoping that a happy wish list will help mange those anxious emotions too! 

1. Make an autumn wreath: Last year, my friend and I made a gorgeous Christmas wreath. The base for that wreath works as a perfect foundation for seasonal decorations. I'd like to create an autumnal version full of bright seasonal foliage, flowers and fruit.

 2. Create delightful preserves for winter: I have a two-pronged strategy with this particular item. I'd like to make something useful out of all our allotment produce ( grapes, crabapples, apples, jellies, pears etc) and, I'd like tasty homemade jams, pickles and jellies all through the winter!

3. Brush up, re-learn or learn a new crafty skill: Perhaps I'll take my crochet skills to the next level, or learn to knit properly or maybe I'll find a whole new craft to get into! Basket weaving perhaps? In any case, I'd like to up-skill myself in the crafty sense.

 4. Visit a beautiful city that I haven't been to before: Lets face it, when this weather is dreary like it is now, all one wants to do is cuddle up in bed. However, there are so many lovely places out there waiting to be explored. I'd like to discover at least one such place this autumn.

 5. Make a beautiful item of clothing: I am no expert seamstress- quite the contrary really. However, I think there is great joy and satisfaction in making your own clothes. I get so many compliments for my kanga shift dress that I once made (inexpertly) and wear with so much pride. I'm reading The Sewing Bee at the minute and dreaming up a piece of personal couture.

6. Visit Paris (again): Oh I do love Paris! Wandering Champs Elysees and checking out terribly expensive fashion, exploring St Germain, appreciating Monet, drinking really lovely yet inexpensive house wines, warm pain-a-chocolats for breakfast from the local boulangerie, hanging out near Monmarte and Scare Coeur soaking in the art and music, there is so much life to enjoy in Paris! The Eurostar cheapie fares are a godsend!

7. Create autumn inspired fashion: I love taking inspiration from nature and the changing seasons ( see hay bales and rapeseed fields ) and would like to take that through into autumn. Spoiler alert: I have a feeling it may involve Hunter wellies ( thanks to the weather!)

8. Visit a museum that I haven't been to before: I'm not really a museum geek. However, every so often, I like to take in a bit of knowledge,  history and culture. With working from London so often, perhaps I must stay late in the evening and explore some new museums? I hear the Natural History Museum is quite cool?

9. Do an eco-friendly autumn deep clean: The flip side of gallivanting all over the place with work is that I don't tend to find as much time as I'd like for housework. I recently discovered eco-cleaning (vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!) and I'd like to do nasty-chemicals-free deep autumn clean of the house

10. Make applesauce or toffee apples: We have an apple tree in our garden and another on our allotment. We have lots of lots of apples over the autumn that need speedy consumption or conversion. I fancy making some applesauce or even giving toffee apples another go for bonfire night. The latter took on a scary dark shade last year due to the caramel getting overheated :o

 Have you got a bucket list too? If so, I'd like some more ideas please! Ann x

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  2. Love your list! My Autumn Bucket List includes; taking a graffiti tour in Berlin, learning to make tortillas, taking a new dance class, and re-learning map/ compass skills. Maybe I will use my newly remembered map skills and come meet you in Paris!

    1. Your list is super cool! I'm going to add Berlin to my next list. I'd love it if we could meet in Paris!! xx

  3. You are really cute! I love the way your represent your self through your blog, it's kind of like I can sense your personality!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  4. This is a great action list Ann! It's so tempting to retreat inside all bundled up when the weather's gloomy, so I have to write out lists too or else it's too easy to get sucked into the covers. I don't have a bucket list per se but I've got a few goals I'm working towards with my blog and also attempting to learn a new language this fall. Trying to stay productive as it gets cooler outside!

    1. Thank you Danielle. I love the idea of learning a new language-I'd really like to re-learn French properly. Possibly a winter project! x

  5. Your list is ambitious and I love it! I'll definitely be doing some sewing myself soon, and going on museum trips. Its hard to find fun things to do, inside.

    xo Ashley

    1. Thanks Ashley. Being ambitious is something I'm constantly guilty of but then again, I'd rather have an aspirational list than something that isn't challenging. I hope you had a fun filled Autumn! Ann x


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