DIY Autumn Wreath

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I've slowly started working my way through my autumn bucket list. The easiest one to get through was making the autumn wreath. My friend and I had already made the wreath base last Christmas and all I needed to do was source flowers and herbs from the garden to give it an autumnal look. To make the wreath base, I suggest you follow the photo example from this Christmas post.

I fill the wreath I suggest using  herbs such as lavender, rosemary, bay leaves, flowering mint and sage (I used all of them but you can choose a couple instead depending on what is available) along with autumn roses, marigolds,  rose hip and sweet williams. I also added a few sprigs of Hebe to produce added interest. And that is all it takes!

I recommend reviewing and updating the wreath every week as the flowers don't tend to keep for long, unless you do want a dried flowers wreath. This is such an easy craft project and I hope you give it a go too! Ann x

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