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Friday, 22 November 2013

I don't need to tell you that Paris is considered a bit of a lifestyle heaven. Unsurprisingly, I had a long list of things and places I wanted to check out whilst there including La Artisan Parfumeur, Diptyque, Pierre Herme etc. However, the only things I ended up buying in Paris were pharmacy products (and a tiny bit of vintage lace). I'm so very pleased with my pharmacy haul (and as I'm thoroughly loving using a lot of them), that I simply had to share! However, there were a very few products that I won't be bothering with again...

1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate: I did a fair bit of research before I ventured into the Parisian pharmacy circuit. This Embroylisse cream was on top of my list due to the rave reviews it received everywhere. I also did a fair bit of research around Parisian pharmacies to get it for the best price (at City Pharma, St Germain) but that is another story. This is now a must-have in my toiletry bag. I use it both day and night and it is perfect for my sensitive skin. It can also be used as a cleanser and primer. This cream is a true all-rounder and I'll be buying a lot more. The best price I've got this for is €10. It is not as readily available in the UK but I found a couple of sites selling it for £17.50.

2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner: I like the fact that this come in a handy tube so I don't need to mess  my fingers trying to apply it.  I use it twice a day and it works well. A tube lasts me about a month and half and I've got a few to get through. Will I buy it again? Probably! I paid €4.50 for a tube but you can get it in the UK for about £5.50.

3. Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm: Believe all those beauty fanatics when they swear by this balm because it is true! I started using this soon after I bought it (and before I decided to temporarily switch to my Caudalie buys) and it is delectable and works wonders for your lips! You can also buy it in tubes and that's what I'll be buying when I've gone through the current haul. I paid  €6.50 and you can get it in the UK for £9.50 online and at M&S.

4. Roge Cavailles Deodorant: This was quote possibly the only impulse buy at City Pharma. I'm not French guru but I thought it's label said it was good for sensitive skin and traceless so I thought I'd give it a go. I've usually stuck with Neal's Yard organic deodorants as they are better for you and I think I will go back to them once I'm done with these. That said, it works perfectly fine. I paid €3.50 for a tube but you can get it online for £6.

5. Caudalie Vinotherapie Body Balm: I may have found my perfect body cream with this one! It is rich, fragrant and very moisturizing. I absolutely love it and I will be buying more. I paid €14 but you can get it online for £18.

6. Elmex Toothpaste: There was certainly an element of practicality to my Parisian pharmacy trip. It was mostly needs based. I had read great reviews about Elmex toothpaste and decided to buy a few tubes to see how it worked. Whilst I can't really tell the difference, I feel like its doing my teeth a lot of good. However, that may just be psychological. I'm not too fussed about buying more ( when I get through the 6 tubes) but if I end up in Paris again, I probably will. I paid €7 for two tubes. You can buy it online for £8.50 for two tubes.

7. Vichy Normaderm: The next four products are ones I've previously used but have decided to review as part of this post. I stocked up on two whilst in Paris but gave the other two a miss. I like Vichy's 3 in 1 cleanser. It works really well on my skin and it also acts as a scrub and mask. Perfect from a practicality and portability point of view. I bought a couple more in Paris. I paid €7 in Paris. You can buy it in Boots as well as online for about £11.

8. Bioderma: The Bioderma micelle solution is a miracle worker for make-up junkies. I'm not one of those. However, I do like my lipsticks and often have on a tiny dab of foundation or BB cream. This cleansing water makes my skin sparkly clean and ready for bed. I only buy the little tiny bottles and I stocked up on a couple more whilst in Paris where they less than half the price. I paid €2 in Paris and £4.50 in the UK for a small bottle.

9. Avene Thermal Water: This is yet another cult beauty product but I'm really not sure I get the hype. Its probably because I live in the UK and don't feel the need to 'cool' my face. It also messes up any make-up you have on so I really don't see the point. Perhaps I'm using it wrong? I paid £6.50 in the UK and did not bother buying more in Paris.

10. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: I bought this in the summer because I liked the idea of having shiny pins. However, I don't like the smell (it smells like 'oil') and I wasn't convinced it made my legs look 'that' special. I have enough to get through another summer but won't be buying any more. I paid £24 in the UK.

And that's it folks! Have you discovered any other great French pharmacy products too? Or perhaps some truly great ones from another country? I'd love to know! Ann x

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