Higgs Boson and Disco Pants

Friday, 24 January 2014

The great thing about Edinburgh is that even on cold and wet days, there are some wonderfully light-filled and intellectually stimulating places to hang out. My favourite places include the the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh Central Library and now, The National Museum of Scotland. The latter has spectacular interiors with plenty of skylight, exhibitions on subjects ranging from particle physics to Japanese art, and enough inspiration to keep you coming back for more. Last rainy Saturday was spent absorbing the Higgs Boson theory, watching demos of the CERN Large Hadron Collider and listening to Prof. Higgs himself. I felt a certain pride in being able to live in the home city of the one of the main brains behind the Higgs Boson theory. 

 We wandered through the various sections of the museum marvelling at the numerous exhibits and watching educational videos.   It was an incredibly relaxing afternoon and I chose to wear my new favourite trousers, the American Apparel disco pants. I'm a bit late jumping on to the disco pants  bandwagon but I'm now their biggest fan. They are incredibly comfy and stylish and are great for catering to day-to-night type outfit demands. They are not cheap but mine were an eBay find and a great bargain.

Whilst I hold an engineering degree, it has been a very long time since I pondered about anything to do with theoretical physics or the history of the stars. Many of my fellow ponderers were half my age but that didn't bother me (or Ed for that matter); it was wonderful to be able go back to basics and to remember ( as Carl Sagan said) that we ourselves are stardust.

I hope you've had an inspiring weekend too! Ann x

Wearing: H&M premium silk shirt under Landsend cashmere jumper, American Apparel disco pants, Wallis crystal flower necklace, Ash Spiral boots and YSL Rouge in Danger red lipstick

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  1. Wow looking good hunny!
    Fab photos...glad you enjoyed your day :)
    Tilly x


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