Isabel Marant and Candlesticks

Sunday, 12 January 2014

So my plans for the holiday party season went belly flop. Oh well. Staying indoors due to the crap weather and poor health for weeks on end was driving me stir crazy and susceptible to an outburst or two.  The last one had me bawling my eyes out complaining about not getting any exercise and not having any fun. Ed quickly decided there was action required so he dragged me along for a very gentle round of racquet ball followed by encouraging me to dress up for a meal out at the quirky Candlesticks restaurants in Stamford. It is amazing how a little exercise and a bit of dressing up can be so therapeutic.

I finally got to wear my 'catch' from the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration. It wasn't my favourite designer collaboration by any means but I thought this gold number would be great for the Christmas party season and versatile enough to be worn under jumpers for the rest of the winter. On the launch day, I joined the masses with the 'you are placed in a queue' situation for a little while before I remembered the old trick; call customer service. Not only did I get a nice little discount off the dress (unheard of for a brand new launch), I was also offered a super pair of sunglasses for a £1!

Candlesticks is a quirky restaurant in the heart of Stamford. It serves Portuguese cuisine in a very quaint and old fashioned manner. Think vintage crockery,  dessert trays and customer service with a personal touch. It is also a bit like travelling back to the seventies; I doubt the decor has changed much in the four decades the restaurant's been around.  The food was delicious and homely, even if it wasn't presented in a fancy fashion. The restaurant's speciality is fish and they even serve Madeira's famous Espada.  Unfortunately, we didn't sample any wine as Ed was driving and I'm staying off alcohol till I've got Methotrexate off my system.

Considering I was having a bit of a meltdown, Ed did a fantastic job in making my world better. He is  very brave himself as it has been really hard for him too. However, there is nothing that a bit of love, exercise and fashion indulgence can't make better.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ann x

Wearing: Isabel Marant for H&M Metallic Dress; Margiela for H&M glove clutch bag; ASOS ankle boots; M&S tights; MuuBaa leather jacket.

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  1. Ann I think the gold number looks fab on you, hope u get all those scary sounding drugs asap! and yes I couldn't agree more on how well Ed handled ur meltdown! I was hoping to see a photo of some portuguese food as well hehehe, take care,x


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