January Etsy Favourites!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

January is often a time for new starts and I have one little new feature for the blog. I recently became an Etsy affiliate which is quite exciting! It sits well with my ethos of promoting local designers, handmade and vintage. With that I've decided to regularly share a selection of handpicked favourites every month that I hope will interest my readers.  This month I've been mainly decluttering and organising for our big move to Edinburgh. I've also been dreaming to bright colours, sparkly jewels and quirky touches for our new home. Unsurprisingly, Etsy has some gorgeous offerings.

Quirky cushions:  If Lulu Guinness feels a bit out of reach but lip smacking curious still get you excited, this beautiful cushion (a steal for £18!)  may be just what you are after.

Hand carved bookshelves: I love my books and am always on the lookout for unique bookshelves. Benjanim's Barn has some truly beautiful pieces that look like they will last a lifetime and still remain  stylish.

Eco friendly storage: As part of our move, we are decluttering, downsizing and organising our lives. It is very liberating. That said, these eco friendly storage units look like a very useful for keeping life organised whilst enabling mobility. And, they are so very cool too!

Funky art: Just because we are moving/decluttering doesn't mean we are going all bland. I love having art and colour around our house and this little framed piece is on my wish list for a our new home!

Ceramic plant pots: I am going to miss our garden and allotment but it doesn't mean I'll stop gardening altogether. There are plenty of options for playing green-thumbs indoors and these ceramic pots make a rather stylish affair.

Dressing up: This whole business of moving many hundred miles is a rather stressful affair to say the last. I figured little indulgences like these Jennifer Loiselle earrings or this bright vintage peter pan collar dress would make life a lot happier!

What do you make of my Etsy list? Which are your favourites? Ann x

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  1. Oh my I love love love the big lips cushion! I'm utterly in love with mouths, lips, lipsticks and all there is that recall those things! You can clearly see it from my blog logo, too hahaha! And I love Etsy as well. It's the last place on Earth left for cool and original finds. Along with thrift and vintage stores of course. (some of them XD)
    p.s.: I love moving because it always offers you the chance do declutter A LOT! Take advantage of this and throw away as much as you can. It is very liberating indeed! Lucky you!

    styleBizarre: Alternative Fashion&Lifestyle


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