Winter Bucket List

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed creating an Autumn bucket list back in September;  it gave me focus and the process of checking things off the list was great fun.  It also proved popular with my lovely readers. I've been mulling over a similar (albeit slightly less ambitious?) winter bucket list and it is looking a bit like this. 

Declutter and organise: January is a great month for a bit of general detox. For me, it includes eating better (and overcoming the indulgent eating habits of the holiday season), streamlining my wardrobe and deep cleaning the house. The yucky weather in the UK is a great excuse to stay indoors and make productive use of this hibernation by decluttering.

Do something for charity: There was a time when I was involved in a lot of charity fund raising activities including hill walking, skydiving and even blogging. I haven't done much of that in a while for various reasons. This winter, I'd like to spend some time and effort doing something purely altruistic.

Discover a new tea room or restaurant: Whilst I'd much rather cook something fabulous rather than at out, I do love discovering exciting new cafes and restaurants. Obviously, the quirkier they are the more I love them. I also like the fancy ones.  Between Edinburgh and London ( and around Peterborough), I'm going to go on the lookout for a fabulous place or two.

Travel somewhere new: Nothing makes me happier than travelling somewhere wonderful and new with my husband. With us in the process of moving up to Edinburgh, the chances of travelling very far are going to be limited. Nevertheless, there are so many places around where we live ( and where we are moving to) that are waiting to be discovered and I'd like to get exploring soon.

Host a winter party: In this part of the world, most of the active socialising happens over the summer ( with the exception of Christmas and New Years). I'd like to organise something fun over the winter to change this pattern a little. It may not be a grand affair but it will include some my favourite people and that will make all the difference.

Create a signature winter cocktail: I'm not much of a drinker but I do love a good cocktail. Over the summers, Ed and I love making our own cocktails. I'd like to do something similar over the winter season too. Ideas welcome! And, the more exotic the better!

Make homemade presents: I'm no fan of the long nights and the cold days but they are good for crafting. I've had great fun knitting over the last couple of months and I intend to do that some more. I'd also like to get making more homemade candles, soap, chocolate etc. After all, shop bought goodies can never quite match the love that goes into making a handmade present.

Overcome the winter wardrobe blues: It is so very easy to succumb black and grey over the winter period. I'm definitely not the black and grey sort of person but I am going to make an extra effort over the winter to add a bit of colour and sparkle to everything I wear.

Go ice-skating : Despite having an ice rink not far from where we live, I've never been ice skating before. I'd really like to overcome my fear of falling over ( and general clumsiness) and go ice skating this winter. It may not be the most elegant of sights but at least I will have tried!

I hope you've found some inspiration from my winter bucket list and I'd love to hear your ideas too! Ann x

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  1. Hot Buttered Rums are an excellent cocktail for the winters. Mulled wine goes well too. And anything with vodka or raki in it will keep the winter chills at bay

    1. Sounds great Kim And, I 've got to try Raki sometime. We've got a little collections of brews from all over the place but clearly there are gaps that need addressing. Me x

  2. Try the Willow Tea rooms in Glasgow, the tea rooms at the Kelvingrove and anywhere on Byres Road. I also recommend going to Northumberland as it's only an hour away from Edinburgh and in the summer has the most amazing beaches and sand dunes to go tobogganing down! Of course, you don't have to go very far to stumble into a fab tea room in Edinburgh (or the witchery!!). Best of luck with your move and bucket list :)
    Gail x

    1. So many fab suggestions here, thank you Gail! I am looking forward to exploring Glasgow, Northumberland and the Highlands properly once we've settled in. I will also look up the Witchery one of these weekends! Thanks for stopping by! Me x

  3. Ooh your moving to Edinburgh! How exciting! Want to here all about it!

    1. I'll organize a little catch-up sometime in reading/London before I head north. I'll email you both soon xx


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