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Saturday, 12 April 2014

I've recently had a super fun discovery......push scooters! Yes, the adult versions of those things you often see 3-7 year olds on. The idea occurred to both Ed and I when were out walking with friends recently and saw a bunch of kids scooting down Dean Village. They were having so much fun and the gadget itself looked so lightweight, quite unlike a normal bike. We live on the topmost floor of a tenement building so carrying a bike up and down is no fun at all. A scooter on the other hand is relatively easy to carry around. 

Ed very quickly found me a little scooter on eBay and the rest is just bloody good fun! OK, I struggled with the brake initially and scooting at crazy miles an hour down Edinburgh's hilly streets was scary but I soon found my feet. I absolutely love my new mode of transport and I think I'm going to advocate a new trend in Edinburgh....

Have you ever been on a kick scooter? What do you reckon? Ann x

Wearing: MuuBaa leather jacket; Uniqlo top; Marc Jacobs bag; Gap skinny jeans;  Pieboy hat c/o; Asos ankle boots;

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