Refresh Rather Than Relocate: An Indian Summer

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I was recently asked if I'd like to take part in Look Again's refresh rather than relocate campaign with an opportunity to win £750 worth of home goods. I know it's a bit ironic as we have only just relocated to Edinburgh but I decided to participate nevertheless and use a bit of imagination.  Despite Edinburgh being a wonderful city, the only reason most people relocate from here is for a bit more warmth. And if there is one memory I'd would always like to recreate at home, it is warm sunny afternoons along the Indian coast. So here are some of my favourite bits from Look Again's home section to help create this atmosphere and thus a virtual re-relocation...

Dressing table set: I'd love a proper dressing table in our bedroom! The Quebec dressing table (1) looks versatile and sturdy and looks like a long term investment. And then you need a little stool, which is where the Quebec stool (5) comes in rather handy with its matching white tones. I'd also like a mirror ( obviously) and this Quebec mirror works perfectly well! (2)

Quirky table lamps: My readers know I'm a sucker for a bit of quirkiness. I adore these crane table lamp! (3) And I'll have two please!

Bed linen: No bedroom transformation is complete without a good set of bed linen. I *love* white cotton sheets and the Yasmin set looks like the kind of thing I'd be interested in (4)

Sturdy curtains: Our bedroom has huge and draughty windows. I think a solid set of ivory curtains would be just right and withstand any future redecoration too.

Other essentials would be a piece of two of art from our travels, a lovely summer candle ( Diptyque or homemade), a few good books and my lovely husband!

Have you considered refresh your rooms to give them a new lease of life too? Ann x

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