Spring Bucket List

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The evening sun is streaming through our kitchen window and the warmth it carries is simply wonderful. I'd never appreciated seasons enough until I started living in the UK. Sunshine and warmth have never ever be taken for granted since. Spring in Scotland is still quite cold and the April showers are as far removed as one can imagine from warm monsoon rains I grew up with. And so a bucket list is still a good idea for this season to keep me ( and my readers) motivated to find new adventures. 

Go lambing: I love the sight of fat sheep and baby lambs and I'd love to visit a farm during lambing season just to watch them roll around in the grass. I have no idea where I can find a place near Edinburgh but I'm going to have a look.

Make homemade Nutella: Lately, I've been obsessed with Nutella. I think its beginning to show. I thought that perhaps a slightly healthier homemade alternative will give me the best of both worlds. I just need to find a suitable recipe... ideas most welcome!

Decorate our home with spring blooms: I miss our allotment and garden; the spring bulbs I planted year after year will all be in bloom now. I will compromise by heading to a local market ( I need to find one) or perhaps even Aldi ( their tulips are good value!) and bringing home a fresh bunch of spring flowers every week.

Discover local farmers markets: There is something lovely about fresh produce sourced directly from the growers. Since we no longer grow our own, I'd like to support those that do.

Make spring candles:  Lately, I'm inspired by the scent of roses, baking and chocolate. Its been a while since I've made my own candles and so I'm hoping to make some spring inspired ones soon.

Learn a new sport: I'm not particularly sporty but I do like trying new things. And one sport I've always wanted to play properly is tennis. Hopefully, I'll finally do it this year.

Explore a local beach: I know mentioned Portobello in an earlier post but apparently there are even more beaches nearby that are very lovely. I'd like a springtime picnic on the beach please!

Visit the zoo: I haven't been to a zoo in years! But not every zoo has Tian Tian and Yang Guan, the giant pandas who have been loaned to the UK. Without doubt there will be a blog post that follows that visit.

Travel a little: Scotland has so much to offer; ancient castles, magnificent lochs, quaint villages and outstanding natural beauty. I'd like to explore a bit more of all that this Spring.

And that's plenty to keep me bust I think. Do you fancy doing any of these things too? What does your Spring bucket list look like? Ann x

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