Highland Explorer Part 2: Around Moray

Saturday, 3 May 2014

After Aberdeen, Ed and I were back on the road heading towards Elgin. It was a nice enough drive but our focus was to get to Elgin by nighttime (or earlier) if possible. The one place worth mentioning on our drive up there was Keith, 'the friendly town'. It was a sleepy looking town with very funny street names...like 'Findlater Lane'... and a quaint feel. Elgin felt rather quiet too and I'm not sure if it was something to do with the time of day or if it was because the locals were away for Easter break. I doubt very much that it was because they were all praying hard at their local churches on good Friday...we 'd just been at a church that got converted into a cafe!

Elgin wasn't what I expected at all.....at first glimpse it felt a bit like an industrial town in Middle England.....we may not have approached it from the best route perhaps. The folks who have previously lived there and the locals all love it. We stayed at a lovely B&B in a picturesque area  just outside the city.  The owner of the B&B is a Midlander who fell in love with Elgin and moved up there a decade or two ago. The good thing about staying with locals is that you get nuggets of information that no guide book can give you.

We'd reconciled to the fact that this highlands trip was  just a taster and that we would not be able to spend a whole lot of time at most places.  Like Aberdeen, I'm sure there is more to Elgin and we will be back again to explore. However, I absolutely loved the sunset on the beach at Lossiemouth..it was incredible! No filter or photo editing tool was required to tart up the images we captured here..and the images did not do the place enough justice...it was dreamy! We loved it so much we were back again the next morning to be near the sea.

Also worth mentioning the fabulous ( albeit slightly expensive for the area) meal we had at 1629. The fish main I had was exquisite and portion sizes were huge ( so I didn't begrudge the cost of the meal at all)! I'd heard great things about Johnston's of Elgin's factory tour and cafe but sadly the factory was closed over the weekend. Instead, we toured the shop and the 'museum' bit, watched videos about how they create the finest cashmere and then found some fabulous lambswool and cashmere scarves to take home with us. They also have a bargain bucket where the scarves are slightly reduced in price but still just as high quality.  Cashmere scarves were reduced from £60-£100 to £35 upwards.!

After a another little wander around Lossie and Elgin, Ed and I headed out towards Dunnet's Head and John O Groat via Brora for the next part of our adventure. Watch this space for my next blog post and follow me on Instagram for all the photos captured on the run. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Ann x

Wearing: Michael Kors trench coat; Dune kitten heels, Michael Kors bag, Moschino scarves, Christin Dior Madrague sunglasses.

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  1. Hi Ann, Loved the blog - especially about your trip to Elgin and Lossiemouth. It is a long time since I have dined in the 1629 - glad it is still going strong....! :-) D


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