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Friday, 9 May 2014

I’m an advocate for continuously updating/improving your home and garden in order to keep it looking fresh.  There are so many projects that Ed and I would like to get started on but time, resources and lack of motivation are often constraints.  This is where I think the new Outspiration app (that I was introduced to) will make a difference. It is an iPhone friendly app that inspires, guides and tracks your effort on DIY projects. Recently, I’ve noticed that we’ve been dumping a lot of stuff near our front door and I thought a storage box may be a good way to keep it tidy.  I looked up the Projects section of Outspiration for some ideas and inspiration (or should it be outspiration!?) eventually decided to improvise based on what I gleaned. I managed to buy a basic storage unit but it wasn’t in the least bit interesting. I don’t like dull and boring things so below are the steps I took to make it look stylish and interesting.

I used Outspiration’s Visualiser tool to look at options for painting the box. As I could not settle on a paint shade, I chose to use newspaper decoupage instead (I’ve been loving newspaper print interior products of late). It’s worth mentioning that Outpsiration also has a weather tool to help you plan your outdoor DIYs. This project was relatively straightforward and could be undertaken indoors (which was handy as the weather tool predicted a very grey day).

For this DIY you will need the following items:
A storage box
Sand paper
Old newspaper
Modpodge or PVA glue
Clear varnish (or a plastic glitter spray)
Paint brush
Old fabric for lining the floor whilst sanding and painting
The Outspiration app for planning and tracking the DIY

1.     Lightly sand the box down so that the glue or paint sticks well

2.     Cut pieces of newspaper to fit all sides of the box

3.     Brush a thin layer of glue onto one surface of the box

4.     Stick the newspaper and smooth out using the back of the paint brush
5.     Once dried, apply a layer of glue to the top of the surface to seal the newspaper. Use a couple of coats to seal each surface.

6.     Once all the surfaces are covered, apply a layer or clear varnish to weatherproof it (or use a plastic glitter spray for a bit of sparkle)
7.     If you decided to paint instead of decoupage, you can test what works best with your exterior using the Visualizer tool. After sanding, apply a primer and then a topcoat of your chosen colour and let it dry.

I’m loving my new storage box and I’m certainly getting Outspired to do more! To celebrate the launch of the app AkzoNobel is giving away a beautiful barbecue to get you outdoors and begin your Outspiration journey. To participate in a draw, all you need to do is download the app and enter your details in the WIN section of the app. The competition starts on the 28th of April and runs till the 12th of May. Have you been planning any DIYs of late? I definitely recommend checking out the Outspiration app to get you started. Ann x

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