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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fashion Blogger Scotland Loch Fyne

It has taken me a while but I have now come to realise that birthdays are indeed to be celebrated. When I was younger, I detested the idea of getting older. I was most sensitive about my age in my early twenties. All that has now changed. I now realise that whilst I may not have perfect skin or be able to fit into the clothes I did back then, I am so much more. I have experienced so much life and thus grown as a person, I have been fortunate enough to travel widely, I have more money and I have developed many more friendships that I value. I also have a wonderful husband! And age is a state of mind. Anyway, this husband decided it would be a good idea to take me away to explore the Loch Fyne area for my birthday weekend. I've always loved the Loch Fyne chain ( and the Elton branch is still my all time favourite) and have for a long time wanted to visit the original restaurant. I finally got there last weekend and it was a delight.

Loch Fyne Drive

We stayed in the nearby Loch Long area as all decent hotels and B&Bs in Cairndow and Inveraray were fully booked. The drive from Arrochar to Loch Fyne through Argyll forest was stunning. We also stopped by to see some salmon fishing on Loch Fyne. There were spectacular waterfalls, little streams, ancient trees and so much greenery all along the thirty minute drive. The camera can never quite capture what the eye can see!

Salmon Fyne Loch Fyne

I also realised that I was perfectly coordinated to the colours of the Loch Fyne restaurant and my patent leather sky blue skirt was pretty much the same shade as the restaurant's blue. The restaurant faced Loch Fyne and had character. The deli attached to the restaurant sold fresh vegetables, dairy products and all kinds of seafood (obviously!). We chose the classic seafood platter for our main meal and it consisted of a variety of locally sourced oysters, mussels, crabs, cockles and other shellfish. 
The original Loch Fyne
Fashion Blogger Scotland Loch Fyne

Sadly, we had to down the prosecco and skip dessert and rush off soon after we'd consumed the main course as there was the threat of yet another landslide nearby. The road between Arrochar was closed the previous night and that morning due to a torrential rain induced landslide. If that happened again, we would have to take an additional 100 mile detour to get back to Edinburgh (which did not sound like fun).  But I'm pleased we made it to the restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Fashion Blogger Scotland Loch Fyne

I'd definitely recommend a trip to both the original Loch Fyne or one of the chain restuarants if you are a seafood fan like me.  It was a stunning area and there is so much around there to explore nearby.  In fact, I recommend highly a trip to Scotland. Ann x

Wearing: The Shirt Company shirt, Topshop patent leather skirt, Wallis necklace, Alexander McQueen McQ shoes and Christin Dior Madrague sunglasses.

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