Cruising Loch Lomond ( and a new wardrobe 'classic')

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fashion Blogger Outfit Joseph Leather Trousers and Michael Kors Trench

The downside of living in the UK (and especially Scotland) is that the weather is always so unpredictable. When we were promised a couple of hours of sunshine during our time in the West of Scotland, we followed our B&B host's recommendation and got on a cruise around Loch Lomond. The people on board comprised of walkers, bikers and elderly folk being ferried to their next coach trip. We were amongst the very few that were actually doing little else other than photography and cruising leisurely. There are a number of different variations of the cruise but due to the short weather window, we opted for the ninety minute trip around the Loch.

Loch Lomond Cruise

The cruise only cost a tenner ( we got a little discount voucher from our B&B) and was good value for money. One of the ladies on the cruise commented on how it felt very similar to a cruise they did on Lake Como albeit without all the fancy Hollywood star mansions along the shore. The cruise staff were friendly and the on-board commentary (when I followed it, as I still struggle with very strong Scottish accents) was both informative and funny. It was a nice way to spend a couple of sunny hours discovering Loch Lomond within the comfort of a boat.

Loch Lomond Cruise

Loch Lomond Cruise

And now digressing completely, I'd also like to introduce the new pride of my wardrobe, the widely coveted Joseph super-soft leather trousers! I got these at 90% off from Brandalley and I am so chuffed about it. They generally cost over £700 so I feel super pleased for finding these. And for once, Brandalley did not cancel or mess around with my order. Rather than the normal classic black version, I much prefer this orange-red version as it has a lot more character.

Fashion Blogger Scotland

Loch Lomond Cruise

What have you guys been up to recently? Any nice weekend activities or fun purchases? Do share! Ann x

Wearing: The Shirt Company shirt, Joseph leather trousers, New Balance shoes (not seen), Longchamp le pliage (not seen), Moschino fries iPhone case ( another new favourite), Michael Kors trench coat  and Christin Dior Madrague sunglasses.

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