DIY Summer (Tin Can) Candles

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to make your own candles

As regular readers will know, I've been making candles for about a year or so now.   The old formula still works but I was keen on experimenting a little. A few weeks ago, I noticed the guys at Panda and Sons (my favourite Edinburgh speakeasy) serving cocktails in tin cans and that got me thinking. I did not like the idea of drinking cocktails out of tins cans (and flirting with tetanus) but I did like the concept of using tin cans for something homemade candles! All you do is soak off the labels and dry the tin can thoroughly before using it. Alongside these, I also used old Diptyque candle jars and jam jars to make multiple candles. The other twist to my original candle DIY was the use of multiple fragrance oils to recreate the smells of my favourite coffee and of vanilla cupcakes. 

Homemade candles tin can

To make these yourself, follow the instructions here but double the amount of fragrance oil. For the special coffee flavour, I used the following combination: 2 tbsp coffee scented oil, 1 tbsp vanilla oil and 1tbsp frankincense. For the vanilla cupcake flavour, I used 2 tbsp chocolate scented oil and 2 tbsp vanilla oil.

Homemade candles tin can

Other mods include making the candles in three stages rather than two. I filled the tin can and jars halfway and let it cool. I then used a chopstick to break the surface and release trapped air and topped to three quarters full. I repeated the procedure till the container was filled with wax. I found that the candles seem to last better when made this way.

Making your own candles like Diptyque

Will you give candle making a go this summer? Do let me know how you get on! Ann x

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  1. OMG, I need to start doing this! I seriously have a candle obsession!


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