Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Summer Solstice

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Irises

In our quest of experiencing the best that Scotland (and Edinburgh in particular) have to offer, we have ignored a few gems right near our doorstep. We live a mere fifteen minute walk from the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and the summer solstice celebrations this weekend seemed like a good excuse to visit it properly. The gardens were open till 10.30 PM this weekend plus there was free entry to the glasshouse and an opportunity to be part of an attempt to break the world record for tree hugging. We gathered a few friends, some picnic paraphernalia and wine, and headed out for a few hours in this historic gardens. 

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Fashion Blogger

If you've read my blog before, you will know I love gardening, gardens and flowers. It is no surprise then that I fell in love with the botanic gardens. I find it incredible that so much plant diversity flourishes in the heart of Edinburgh. The gardens were established in the 17th century so they are like the grandaddy of the Eden Project in Cornwall (another favourite place).

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Hillside

Spring and early summer are great for visiting the gardens and the rhododendrons are in full blooms. The gardens are home to over a hundred varieties of rhododendrons!

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Rhododendrons

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Blogger

The glasshouse ( which is the only bit you need to pay to enter, except this weekend), is a wonderful place full of exotic varieties of plant species; tropical flowers, desert cacti, alpine vegetation and everything else in between. Oh, and there were oriental style ponds full of fat fish! The glasshouse was also home to the most perfect orchids!

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Victorian Glasshouse

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens TropicalEdinburgh Botanic Gardens Desert

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Fish

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Orchids

There plenty of music and creative 'stuff' on this weekend but I was looking forward to participating in the world record breaking attempt at tree hugging. I wonder how we got on... I'll keep you posted if I find out.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Tree Hug

I 'hugged' this ancient tree that had giant oyster mushrooms growing on it. And apparently they are edible. Sadly, they were just a long way up for me to 'pluck' them. Plus, I'm not a mushroom expert so   I would not have eaten them anyway.

We finally got booted out of the gardens at around half ten (by which time I was suitably p*ssed on just just a few tiny picnic glasses of wine).  Most of our party disappeared and the rest of us headed down for a final pint at the Orchard before heading home. I had a lemonade.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Tree Hug

How did you celebrate the longest day of the year? Ann x

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