Highlights of Spring 2014

Thursday, 26 June 2014

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In what has now become a regular feature on A Quirky Lifestyle, this post contains are a few snapshots from the season just gone. I often feel a sense of lethargy at the thought of writing these posts but end up feeling both pleased and grateful when I'm done. Spring was full of new beginnings; settling in to a new city,  making a new 'home', starting a new jobs (both Ed and I had now changed jobs) whilst still recovering both individually and as a couple from the emotional trauma of the previous months. Our coping mechanism has always been to make sure we have happy plans that we can look forward to, now mostly consisting of exploring Edinburgh and Scotland.

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You can read all about our exploration of the Highlands in a five part series starting here. Travelling to the very edge of the country, taking in the most spectacular countryside and meeting the friendly people that lived around there was all good for the soul. My personal favourite was sunset at  Lossiemouth beach; it was without doubt one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen. A camera can never quite capture what the eye can see or what one feels in the midst of such beauty. Nearer home, Linlinthgow, Gullane and North Berwick were equally wonderful, each in its own special way. And as for Edinburgh, we are absolutely loving living here!

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Craft and DIY has always been a key part of this blog and my Spring pursuits included lots of sewing, candle making and updating our new interiors. There is so much satisfaction in the making your very own pieces of 'art'.

I hope you've had a lovely Spring too and that Summer brings lots of warmth and happiness your way. Ann x

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