Summer Bucket List

Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Bucket List

Hello my dear readers,  I hope you've all had a lovely start to your summers! Ours, as you may have already read, started with the summer solstice festivities at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. In keeping with previous seasons, I've also drawn up a wee bucket list of the things I'd like to do this summer. I hope you draw some inspiration from it too!

Visit somewhere new: I've always loved travelling and exploring new places but living in Scotland has stoked that wanderlust all the more. Scotland is such a beautiful place and there are so many places waiting to be explored...highlands, islands and everything in between. 

Go foraging: As I so terribly miss our garden and lottie, I fancy going foraging for some berries and such like to make summer jams and preserves. I'm not sure where but I think most places will have 'wild' areas to forage from.

Make fun popsicles: You know the sorts that have bits of fruit or sweeties in them. I don't think we'll have many super hot days in Edinburgh but when we do, I'll make a few!

Explore local beaches: I may have mentioned the fact that there are some beautiful beaches near Edinburgh such as Portobello, Gullane etc. I'd like to explore a few new ones and spend a day in sunshine ( or more like an hour or two considering this is Scotland).

Summer Bucket List Day at the Beach
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Re-fashion clothes: I have lots of really lovely clothes sourced via sales, flash sales sites and charity shops. I don't wear some them much as I should they aren't quite 'right'. My sewing machine could change all that so I'm hoping to re-tailor these over the summer.

Outdoor music: My first memories of Edinburgh, eight something years ago, were of a music filled place. Fact is, we've not experienced much music ever since we've moved here. I'm hoping to find a few concerts to attend, ideally in a nice outdoors venue.

Edinburgh festival: This is a no-brainer, obviously. It is meant to be bonkers, awesome and chaotic and I'd like to be in the thick of it all for once. 

Summer Bucket List Edinburgh
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Spend time with friends and family: The last few months have been so manic that I've not had the chance to talk to or spend time with some of my friends and family. I'm hoping to rectify that over the summer months. Maybe I'll just go through my Skype list and make call after call!

Get fit: I've put on a few kilos since our move up to Scotland as its colder, we eat and drink out so much more (as we live in the city centre) and as always, I'm constantly stuffing my face with cake! Whilst I had grand plans of running twice a week after moving up, I've never exercised properly even once! Unless a few pathetic attempts at playing tennis count? I'm hoping to rectify that over the summer months. Now, in which packing box were those running shoes....?

What's on your summer bucket list? Ann x

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