Portobello Beach and Space Hoppers

Friday, 4 July 2014

Portobello Beach Gardens

The other weekend, our friends suggested an impromptu trip to Portobello aka Porty beach. Portobello is a few miles east of Edinburgh and has its own unique character. Back in the Victorian times, it was the beach resort of choice for the people of Edinburgh and nearby. Whilst it has lost a lot of its old glory, it still retains a quaint, and slightly bohemian, charm.

Edinburgh Portobello Gardens

Fashion blogger Portobello beach

We wandered along the beach promenade, taking in the beautiful, almost French style, gardens filled with roses, peonies and cottage flowers, before quickly finding an indoor cafe to sit down for a drink and bite (as it wasn't the warmest of days).

Portobello Beach Promenade

Portobello Beach Promenade

The Beach House was our cafe of choice as it looked nice, had some nice cakes to choose from and a mouthwatering array of ice-creams. It may have been nippy outside but even freezing cold doesn't deter me from a good ice-cream! The blueberry version I chose was scrumptious!

Portobello Beach Cafe

Fashion Blogger Fabindia Monki

Before I ramble on about other Porty discoveries, let me explain the slightly dopey picture above. I had just bought this lovely lemon clutch in the ASOS sale and ( as you can see) I was totally smitten. Technically, it wasn't a proper sale as I actually used a voucher code but same difference.

Portobello Beach Promenade

Portobello Beach Gardens

Anyway, moving on, after we'd had our fill of drink and dessert, we went for another wee wander further up the promenade. That is when I noticed what may be Porty's new transport of choice, spacehoppers! It looked like hard work and personally, I'd rather stick to push scooters.

Portobello Beach Promenade Spacehoppers

Portobello Architecture

Given that it wasn't the warmest of days, we headed back to the city after our walk. However, we will be going back there on a bright sunny day with picnic gear in tow.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Ann x

Wearing: FabIndia blouse, Gap Always Skinny distressed jeans, Monki lemon clutch and Michael Kors trench coat.
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